Great Aussie Comeback

Great Aussie Comeback

Australians are resourceful and patient. These are qualities that make up the Australian Spirit. Our Anzac ancestors were known for their bravery and determination even in dire circumstances. They put their lives on the line to protect Australia’s freedom for future generations.

Current generations have barely seen conflict on home soil, most having the benefit of many years of stability and peace. While some of us are blissfully asleep, others are becoming aware that the winds of change are blowing our way. Changes are afoot to establish permanent, draconian controls on the population – not what our ancestors fought for.

This website shines a light the rapid changes and puts forward sensible strategies to build the future Australia that we all would want – with liberty, freedom and individual rights at its core.

It is time to protect and preserve our sovereignty and the results of our labour. It’s time for a Great Aussie Comeback!


Have You Noticed?

Something Isn’t Right

Something distinctly un-Australian is creeping into our society, under the cover of the pandemic. We are increasingly becoming divided, with controls over who can do what or go where.

We are seeing new forms of social control systems and infrastructure popping up in all areas of society. QR codes, check-ins, showing our papers.

Many Australians are accepting of these new systems due to a fear campaign being waged via the media and governments.

We must always remember that we the people are the ones with the power in this country. We can choose what we will accept or reject as a nation.


Melbourne Has Spoken
Melbourne Has Spoken

Melbourne turned out in force last Saturday to protest the "Permanent Pandemic Bill" being rushed through by the Andrews government. The massive crowd was certainly in the tens of thousands, some estimates say 60 to 80 thousand. More info about the bill here.Meanwhile...

Tyrants are NOT the problem
Tyrants are NOT the problem

People get extremely triggered by comparisons of what’s happening in Victoria and dictator Dan to Nazi Germany but it’s pretty obvious to those who’ve picked up a history book and look objectively at what is going on, there’s startling similarities. Dan’s enabling...

The Final Countdown
The Final Countdown

The final vote that decides whether or not this bill will become law is just days away. Today, Friday, is a critical day for contacting politicians - Step 4 in our action plan. Please find some time today to make some calls, or send some emails to the politicians on...

Acknowledgment of our First Nations people




We wish to acknowledge the traditional owners of Australia, our First Nations people.

We also pay respects to their Elders both past and present and those emerging.

We also wish to acknowledge and respect their continuing culture and the contribution they make to the life of this country  and this region.

We would also like to acknowledge and welcome all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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