The final vote that decides whether or not this bill will become law is just days away. Today, Friday, is a critical day for contacting politicians – Step 4 in our action plan.

Please find some time today to make some calls, or send some emails to the politicians on our list, this is so important that we keep up the pressure.

If this bill is passed on Tuesday. This bill gives one person, the Premier, incredible, unprecedented and unchecked powers – so today is the day to call or write and show that you are against the bill. Make your own messages using the sample letters and materials provided under Step 4 on this site, and also in the Open Letter from the QC lawyers.

You can continue send messages right up until the last minute, but given the timing and a weekend ahead, today, Friday, is a very important day to flood their email boxes before we head into Saturday’s big action in Melbourne.

For those outside Australia who may not know, this is a Federal member of parliament, Craig Kelly, speaking about Victorian (state) Premier Dan Andrews who is the person pushing this “Permanent Pandemic Bill.”  There are very few politicians from any political party in Australia willing to criticise or even question anything related to the pandemic or how it has been handled.

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