Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution was fundamental in Adolf Hitler’s rise to power. It stated:

“If public security and order are seriously disturbed or endangered within the German Reich, the President of the Reich may take measures necessary for their restoration, intervening if need be with the assistance of the armed forces.”

Article 48 also allowed the President to suspend civil liberties that were previously guaranteed under the Weimar Constitution. The President could declare a state of emergency in Germany in times of national danger and to rule as a dictator for short periods of time. The intent was to offer an opportunity for a strong executive leader to take decisive action in times of crisis without navigating what could be a slower legislative process.

We all know what happened eventually. Surely we have learned from the past and we will not repeat those mistakes.

What’s Happening Today in Australia?

Today in Victoria (an Australian state), the premier Dan Andrews is aggressively pushing similar legislation through parliament. The final vote to get this bill passed and into law will be next Tuesday 16 November, just one week from today.

If this passes, one can only assume that other state leaders, here and around the world, will seek similar powers – using the Victorian experience as their model. Be warned – this is coming to you, like a freight train, wherever you live. It is imperative that we “kill this bill.” Right here. Right now. We need “all-hands-on-deck.” We need your help!

Dan Andrews gave members of parliament only 2 hours notice before the first vote. They barely had time to read its 120-odd pages. This new legislation would:


  • become a permanent Victorian legislation (available to future premiers)
  • enable the premier to declare a pandemic – independently from the World Health Organisation or whatever else is going on in his state, or the world
  • there would not need to be any kind of virus for said “pandemic,” and the definition of pandemic is vague
  • he would appoint an advisory panel, and would have the option to ignore their advice
  • there would not need to be any kind of virus for said “pandemic,” and the definition of pandemic is vague
  • he could suspend anti-discrimination laws and other human-rights laws
  • he could identify groups of people causing a “health-risk,” round them up and lock them away
  • he would be authorised to fine people up to $90,000 and 2 years in gaol for infringements, such as not wearing a mask.

What have been the reactions to the bill?

A group of 13 Queen’s Counsel barristers (the most elite level of lawyers in Australia) were so stunned by the overreach of this proposed legislation, that they published out an open letter, eviscerating the bill. This never happens in Australia, it is totally unprecedented for them to speak out publicly like this – but such is their outrage.

The Victorian Health Minister’s “bill summary” implied that Victorian Bar had been consulted in the preparation of the bill. When The Victorian Bar found out, they published a statement not only denying that they were consulted, but also listed their grave concerns about the content of the bill.

At the same time as all this is going on, the Victorian Government (and other Australian states) are quickly establishing large “quarantine camps.”

The media is absolutely silent about all of this (the bill, the camps, everything) and ostracise any politician or any person that even raises a question (e.g, politicians Craig Kelly, and George Christensen). The media are clearly on board with whatever the government plan is, because they are not doing their job in informing the public, and conducting “journalism.”

The Australian public, who largely get their information from the media or the highly censored big-tech platforms, are blissfully unaware that this legislation is even proposed. The bill is being aggressively rushed through at precisely same time that Victorians are released from the world’s longest lockdown. The public are so happy to have some sense of normality back in their lives, they are not noticing any of this.

The name of the bill is “Public Health and Wellbeing Amendment (Pandemic Management) Bill 2021.”  If for one moment, we could just set aside the whole pandemic for one moment, and look at historical events, and what we see happening on the ground in Australia today – you have to ask the question, is this really about protecting human health and wellness?

The Holocaust Encyclopedia, at the end of it’s page about Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution, poses these questions:

Critical Thinking Questions:

How can “national emergencies” lead to human rights violations and even atrocities?


What legislation does your country have for times of national crisis, if any? What restraints exist on the government, if at all, during a national emergency?

I literally wrote a book to warn you guys about this


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