With the media constantly beating us over the head with “All-Covid-All-The-Time,” it is sometimes hard to step back and look at the Australian situation objectively.

It would be easy to forget that for most people who are exposed to Covid-19, you’ll likely survive. This is particularly true for  those below 65 years of age,and without a compromised immune system. There has been good data on that, see below.



Source: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/33716331/
George Christensen is one Australian politician who is right when he suggests we need to “take the covid blinkers off, and look at what has happened to our country.”
For having the temerity to speak out in this way, to think critically and ask questions, the media has shunned and/or ostracised Christensen. He is not backing down or going away, and nor will the rest of us. There’s a great awakening going on in Australia.

Brave politicians like this need to be thanked, encouraged and appreciated because they are rare in these times.

George Christensen

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