This is a quick article, sourced from Discernable, a popular alternative media site based in Victoria.


Scomo wheeled out his Assistant Attorney General, Amanda Stoker to say that the Commonwealth could ‘legislate over’ Daniel Andrews’ pandemic powers.

This is a huge development – Scott Morrison is testing the public. He wants to know whether there is appetite for federal intervention. The PM or the AG are too big to come out and say this and then back down, but the Assistant AG is perfect for the job.

If it doesn’t fly well with the public, they will paper over the suggestion and forget it ever happened.

But if enough public support is generated, keep an eye out for increasingly senior federal faces voicing similar sentiments.

What can you do? Read what the Assistant AG said and talk/share the news with people. This is a significant development, but it only matters if enough people know about it.



We think it is an excellent idea for every Australian to contact Amanda Stoker’s office, as mentioned in the article above.



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Assistant Attorney General: Commonwealth could ‘legislate over’ Daniel Andrews’ pandemic powers

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